Storefront + Fulfillment

When you set up a new online portfolio to showcase your work with our Storefront + Fulfillment option, customers can browse and purchase your artwork as prints or with a custom frame. We handle printing, framing, and shipping directly to the customer within 3 to 5 days. Monitor your sales through our platform and receive the profits via Stripe as soon as an item ships. You provide the high-res image for each item and set the prices, we'll handle the rest.

Fulfillment Only

If you have an existing site and don't need a new store or portfolio, use our Fulfillment Only option to set up customizable "Buy it Framed" buttons. These buttons can be added easily to your store, giving your customers the option to buy a framed version of any work. Each button links directly to the framing experience on our site, providing a full set of true custom frame options and secure checkout. If you'd like us to print for you, we'll print, frame and ship directly to the customer within 3 to 5 days, and you receive payments directly to your bank account (via Stripe). Prefer to handle your own printing? We will simply acquire the work directly from you after each sale (usually from your online store, but other options are available), frame it and ship directly to the customer. When the item ships, you receive added commission based on the price of the frame.

Why don't we have an app or a way for customers to purchase the frame on your site? Our "Buy it Framed" buttons are easy to add no matter which e-commerce platform you use, and allow us to provide the absolute best online framing experience possible. When customers have questions about materials or framing methods, we are standing by to help. We've found that this is the best way to optimize conversion and sell more frames. Your customers can make special requests on the framing, and purchase with confidence. Additionally, if issues with framing, shipping or anything else arise, we handle all customer support and extend our 100% happiness guarantee. This means you won't have to take on the extra burden of fielding questions about framing methods or specific orders. The best part is there's no complicated setup or change to your workflow - once you've added the buttons and connected your bank account, you'll be ready to sell your work framed and receive payment!

To see examples of artist storefronts using these "Buy it Framed" buttons, check out the links below:

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About Dot Press Commissions

You set the price of everything you sell in your storefront. When a print sells, you earn 90% of the print price, minus our cost to make the print ($0.07 per square inch). We'll display this expected profit as you set up each item. If a buyer purchases your print with a frame, we'll add to your earnings an extra commission based on the frame price. When the order ships, your total earnings are automatically transferred to your bank account.

With the Fulfillment-Only option, you can expect to receive the same price for your artwork as what you charge in your own store, plus the framing commission on top.

We know that you have more ways than ever to present and sell your work. Our mission is to make it look its best online and on paper, as well as inside a customizable, museum-quality Level frame. We've built Dot Press so that you can focus on creating inspiring artwork, photography, illustration and other visual design. We'll handle the printing, framing, shipping, customer support, reporting and payouts.

Fulfillment Methods

1. Print + Frame

Once you embed a link or button on your store, the user will checkout through our optimized frame editor experience on Level Frames.

When the sale is made, we'll print your high-resolution image, frame it and ship directly to your customer. You'll earn profits for the print plus an additional frame commission.

All sales will be tracked in your Dot Press account, and the payouts will be automated by connecting your Stripe Account.

You'll receive email notifications for every sale, and be able to see all the sale details, including the customer's email address. We handle everything, you focus on your artwork and get paid.

2. Frame Only

This option is for artists who are printing someplace else and only want to use us for adding a framing option for their customers.

When a sale is made through your store's "Buy it framed" button (instructions on how to add the button to a shopify store), we'll buy your print from your store within 1-3 business days (the prices you set for your print sizes should match your store's retail prices exactly), and then frame the print and ship it to your customer.

In addition to earning the revenue on the print, you'll also receive a framing commission on top and will be paid out automatically through Stripe. It's a win/win for you and your customers. We handle everything like magic!