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Create a stunning portfolio to showcase a single item or your entire body of work, and turn it into a powerful online storefront with the press of a button.

We handle printing, framing and delivery for anything you sell, automatically depositing the profits into your account. No other platform helps you present your work more beautifully on-screen and on the wall. All for free.

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Other services offer storefronts but provide zero support following a sale. Take advantage of end-to-end fulfillment on every order, and spend more time on your art.

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How it Works

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    Upload an image of your work and give it a title and short description.
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    Set your own print sizes, prices and profits.
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    When your work sells, we take care of printing, framing, shipping, and customer service. You focus only on your artwork.
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    You get paid! Profits from your sales can be automatically deposited into your bank account through Stripe.

Automated Reporting & Payouts

Receive email notifications for each sale and track earnings in your real-time dashboard. You control your profits, which are automatically transferred to your bank account the moment an order ships. It's your brand, we make it easier to run as a business.

Made by Level Frames

Your artwork is printed with archival pigment inks that are guaranteed not to fade over time.

For the frames we use all-wood profiles from sustainably-harvested forests, acid-free matting and other archival components. Each frame is handcrafted by a master framer with over 30 years of experience, and ships right to your customer’s door ready to hang.

Read more about our custom picture frames here. Still need convincing about our dedication to the craft? Read some verified customer reviews of the best online custom framing service.

turn your photos into artwork
turn your photos into artwork
turn your photos into artwork

No t-shirts, mugs, or coasters. Just impeccable printing, framing and delivery so that you can focus on creating amazing work.

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Museum-Quality Fulfillment

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About Dot Press

Dot Press is designed to beautifully present your artwork, illustrations, photos and more. It’s a contemporary, distraction-free portfolio that looks great across all screens, including the option to sell any of your works as archival ink giclée prints with a custom framing option built right in.

Get started by uploading your first item and giving it a name and short description. You can also provide a longer description to tell the story behind your piece. Everything you upload will be added to your portfolio page, and you can curate your work into various Collections. Here’s one [example of a portfolio] with prints that are available for sale.

To sell an item in your portfolio, simply mark it “For Sale” in the Print Manager. We’ll recommend a few sizes and prices based on the image, but you set the retail price the customer will pay and determine your profit earned on each sale.

When one of your prints sells, we’ll deduct our cost to make the print ($0.07 per square inch) plus 10% of the retail price. You take home the rest as profit, and when the order is shipped the earnings are automatically transferred to your bank account. If your buyer opts to frame the print as well, we’ll add to your earnings a 5% commission based on the price of the frame.

We’re building Dot Press so that you can focus on creating inspiring artwork, photography, illustration and other visual design. We’ll handle the printing, framing, shipping, customer support, reporting and payouts.

As an artist or creative, we know that you have more ways than ever to present and sell your work. Our mission is to make it look its best online and on paper, as well as inside a customizable, museum-quality Level frame.

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